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great chair, best shipping ever.

Joe C


It has been a pleasure working with you guys in selecting our next massage chair. I say next because we had a very nice as well as very pricy Panasonic EP3007Real Pro. We had the chair for several years. When it finally require service there was none anywhere near us!
We were wary about another chair until speaking with the guys at Titan Chair Company!

I felt very confident with the well informed professional way they handle their clients. When I asked them to rate the OS-Pro Maxim against the chair we had and another chair we were considering, they had the right answers and backed them up with sound facts. New technology is awesome, effective and affordable!

We received our chair in packaging that exceeded my expectations. It was in perfect condition and right on time.
The chair was easy to assemble (15 minutes) and the tools were included!

My first round was on the General setting. It was so superior to what we had I couldn't believe it at first. This chair (OS-Pro Maxim) is well beyond expectations. My wife is over the moon! It delivers even more than the videos and even the sales guys tell you.

Can't say enough! Thank You!
C Naylor

Customer Service
Simply the best customer service I have ever had from an online order.

David K

I bought the Titan Alpha Pro as an early Christmas gift for my wife.
I took a chance on ordering a chair that was listed as a HOT DEAL listed at a great price.
The features are phenomenal with zero gravity positions, heated back, L-track, foot roller message and message from neck to glutes, etc.
My wife and I have put it to use already. It is a vigorous message but enjoyable with good results.
The manual isn't very detailed and it would be helpful to have tutorial instructions on YouTube for assembly and operating functions.
We have plenty of time to relax and learn how to work the control functions and find the best setting for each of us through the holidays.
Our overall experience has been great from ordering to delivery.
Shipping was fast and friendly. The chair was professionally packed and delivered without any damage.
We feel we got value and service from TITAN CHAIR Co.
Merry Christmas
Thank you

The Sierras

WOW... what an amazing company! I have never trusted the pop-up windows that invite
one to chat with a representative, but this time I followed my instincts and boy oh boy was
I glad that I did. I got someone by the name of "Jessica" to respond literally within
seconds after typing my first few lines. Within seconds she immediately sent me via email
the user's manual for my awesome Titan chair. It was just what I needed. Within minutes I
was up and running again. A short while after, I wrote her a second time regarding a
remote and once again, she came through for me with flying colors. I'm proud to be a
Texan but even prouder of a tremendos Company like TITAN. Not only is this a
phenomenally comfortable and high-quality chair, but the service and their customer
service reps are incredibly fast, efficient and highly professional. If you're still in the market
for a TITAN or remain on the fence wondering whether or not you should purchase one ...
GO FOR IT! I guarantee you'll be extremely glad that you did! Thanks Titan!!

George C

The OS 4000 is a great chair , it has given my wife and
I many hours of relief. She uses it everyday!!

Jim S

I bought the Titan Alpha Pro after many days of research on other comparable chairs. It was
listed at an excellent price and the features are phenomenal (Zero Gravity positions, heated
back, L-track, etc). My family and I have used it many times already. Although it is a bit
strong, it is perfect for me. My wife enjoys it with the added cushion to lessen the strength
of the unit.
The manual isn't very thorough, but the functions are fairly intuitive. We just played around
with the settings until we found what worked for us. The arm wells are a bit small. If you
wear large gloves and have long arms, you may find it difficult to insert your arms. It's no big
deal, but it's worth mentioning.
Great experience shopping over the phone. Bryan was very helpful and made the purchase
very easy. The shipping took longer than expected with white glove delivery. The chair was
shipped on the next business day, but then sat in a local warehouse for 4 days before it was
delivered to the white glove company. Then it took another 4 days before it was in my


Manuel Thank you for shipping me two more APEX AURORA
massage chair I love my Aurora MASSAGE CHAIR use the chair
twice a day its great real relaxing. I recommend Titan
company a 5 Star rating. Dave Velishek of Prior Lake Mn.

David V

We love the titan massage chair from Brandon at the Titan
Chair company. We went the extra mile to help us and we
appreciate his help and supposrt. We use it daily and Bob
gets so relaxed I find him taking a nap after his chair
Excellent quality and design .

Sarah a

My salesperson, Esther Kim was very responsive and knowledgeable.
The chair is the best purchase I've made for my health. I've had
an office job most of my life sitting at my desk all day. Over
the years my body is starting to show the results of this. I
love the different levels and functions it offers. I can't wait
to get home at night and spend 15 min pampering myself.

Patricia W

I just received my chair! I love it. The price was good, the
the delivery was convenient, The massages heavenly. Thank you
you Titan for my Apex Aurora massage chair!

Thank you,
Christopher A.

Christopher A

I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation.
You aided me when I was in a dilemma of whether or not to receive my chair. It's people like you
who go above and beyond for your customers and keep us wanting to be customers.
I will never forget what you have done for me to have my chair. I have been through a heck of a
lot this pass year health wise and knowing I will have my chair to help physically means more
than words can say. Customer Service means beyond selling, asking questions its active
listening, professionalism, showing empathy and knowing the needs of the customer. Terry
utilized all of his customer service skills. For that I am grateful!
Thanks again

Thanks so much!
Carlise Lakes


Thank you for the A+ service. You stepped up and went
beyond expectations to find replacement items needed for
our OS-3000. Your help turned around what could have
been a very negative experience. I highly recommend
Titan Chair for anyone who values personal, friendly

Robert H

If you are seriously looking for a massage, this is the only place in Dallas Area you need
to visit. They have one heck of a section and can give you the real answer! I am a
Purdue Engineer by degree, own a high tech company, and am picky as heck when it
comes to technology. The sales staff that helped me was Simone and she was great!
She knew her stuff and quickly helped me determine which chair was the one for me. I
bought a Osaki 3D Pro and love it. I use it almost 3-4 times a day. I did have a problem
with the back mechanism after a few months. The customer service guy Terry was great
and professional. He arranged a service call. They replaced the entire back mechanism.
They really stand behind their products. I purchase a 3 year warrantee, and it was worth
it! I really like the dealing with a company like this that is rare these days with great
customer service. I hope you enjoy your chair as much as I do!

Gary D

I have searched long and hard to not only find a massage chair
but also find an internet company that stands with you went
things go wrong. Well Simone is a credit to the Titan family
and went far and beyond to make my purchase delightful and will
spread the word "If you are concerned about doing business out
of state, Titan Chair provides confidence and superior products
and personnel " Thank You

Daniel S

Dear Terry
thank you for sending me the new arm for the Osaki 4000. My chair is up and running and my family is very happy. Instead of running in the door to the TV room, my nine year old twins call dibs on the chair. Now the only issue I have is getting a turn. Thanks again for making it all work well.

Roxanne M

I used to have a Berkline massage chair that I bought in Kauai. Back then it was wonderful but nothing like the technology today. Recently I have had some major health challenges. So I decided to go on a journey of research looking for the absolute best technology, the biggest bang for the buck. After 3 weeks of arduous research, I finally contacted Titan Chairs. I explained what I was looking for within moments this chair was recommended. I bought it and waited very excited for it's arrival. This chair is so amazing, it's hard to believe how simple it is to operate and the massage intensity is literally out of this world. The full body massage inclusive of the foot rollers is so comprehensive and complete! I am very grateful to have contacted Titan Chairs and very pleased with their recommendation. Their staff was awesome to deal with as well as very kind and considerate. Thank you for everything. P.S. My 13 year old daughter was not so sure about the intensity then got used to it and found the way to adjust the settings. She is small and fits perfectly into this chair. Both of us love the zero gravity technology and the way it scan and adjusts automatically for the perfect massage!

Bud F

Great chair! It is a little stronger in the feet than I expected. But I do need some TLC for my feet. The main reason I went with the chair is the wall saving feature. My kids love it too!

Joel B

I feel that my every need was meet when shopping and purchasing this chair. It has calf rollers and foot rollers in the foot portion of this chair. Overall this is a deep tissue massage chair which i prefer. I feel this chair offers more than any other in the market.

Jason K

All I have to say is WOW! there are only a few chairs out that have L track systems. When I found out that the Alpine chair was one of the better manufacturers out and it is one of the latest and best release. I had to get it. I was originally looking at 3D chairs, but now I am happy with my choice. Thanks Titan,

Blake J

I am a little taller than a normal person. I was unable to find a chair that my knees were not bulging out of. I called Titan Chair and spoke to someone. They assured me that this chair would be fine because it does not have the foot portion. I purchased it because she gave me a great deal. When I finally got it (make sure you ask for the install video for this chair) to my surprise I saw airbags for my knees! I tore my ACL before so it was prefect. Highly recommend I got the black!

Mel B

Bought 2 of them gave me a good deal. Good chair and big. The arm is my favorite of chair. Does good arm squeeze.

Tan N

Very cool chair. Fits me and my wife very well. We are both very short people. But our personal trainer is close to 6'2 and 275 lbs. He was happy to see us participating in our curricular activities by purchasing a massage chair for after workouts. To our surprise, he was able to fit in the chair very comfortably. This is a good thing to offer a chair that can accommodate many people sizes. L-Track and Foot Rollers in the best features of this chair.

Binh T

If you are looking for something for your back this is the chair! I was really worried about buying a chair for that price, but when I called in they were able to work with me. I REALLY LOVE THIS CHAIR. Works my back exactly how I want it. There is a manual setting where you can leave the rollers around my shoulder and adjust the intensity. It will do the whole body which is amazing, but the back massage on this is what I have been looking for!

Linda F

First off, if you are in Dallas be sure to go in and try the chairs! I was not aware that they are in the DFW area. I went in wanting to try the Cyber and Dreamer. I had done my research online and when I called them they told me they were local. I went in and tried the chairs. I fell in love with one of the newer ones that just came in. They told me the chair came in the day before. I sat in the chair and loved all of the features. I was torn between the Dreamer or the Regent. I know the Dreamer was a little more known, but I could not look past the fact that the Regent gave an amazing massage. I went with the Regent and have had it for a couple days now. The massage in it is amazing. It was rough the first couple of days, but my body got used to it. I highly recommend this chair to anyone.

Lana R

I decided to go with the OS-4000 model simply because I feel this chair has made more pathway for online reviews. Some good and some bad. I added my review after receiving the chair and feel that this is by far a better chair in many ways. Cost comparison and overall features vs. Brookstone or Main Stream furniture stores. proved that the OS-4000 stayed above any other brand name or style that I was looking for.

Jon M

Purchased a chair but it was out of stock. They recommend this chair instead. I wasn't sure at first, but the chair is wonderful. My friend came over and tried the chair. She went and purchased one herself. Bought one for my mom as well. When you call in ask for Simone she helped me a lot. Very knowledge in the chairs. Was able to get a discount because I purchased several chairs. It has full body massage, zero gravity, heat, everything that I wanted.

Bertha S

I am a Dallas Native. After my tremendous help from the knowledgeable sales person that helped me out at their Main warehouse & distribution center. I felt that it was in everyone's best interests to know why I purchased this chair over any of the other chairs. **Main reason is that I have found and learned that the 3D massage mechanism in the backrest of the chair allows for my wife to get the strong deep intense massage she wants. Also allowing me to get the more soothing and gentle massage I wanted. None of this wouldn't have been achieved if it hadn't been for the sales person. So this is why I felt it was best for everyone to know what you can benefit from having 3D Massage.

Alex S

Best bang for your buck! Most massage chairs with these features will run someone to about $2000 or more. I was hesitant on this chair, but called in and spoke to someone. They assured me that they have sat in the chair and really enjoyed it. It took me a week to decide and I finally went with it. I am obsessed with my chair. When I mean obsessed I mean morning, afternoon, and night. Before bed it really loosens me up. I had the best sleep after sitting in this chair. I really don't use the speakers for music, but it is nice to have that option. The foot rollers and massage rollers are good!

Star J

I have been enjoying my Osaki massage chair for about 7 months now. I use it daily. The sales and customer service are outstanding in every way. I would definitely recommend this company and the Osaki chair to any of my friends!

Yvonne B

Needed good massage chair. Looked around everywhere. Came across this one with all the features I wanted. Perfect.

Matt S

This is by far one of the best investments I have ever made. After suffering a car accident. A massage chair is definitely something that I needed. I couldn't believe that there is still quality products at a good value. Thanks Titan,

Charles P