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  • Coin operation massage chair
  • Easy to Program 
  • Control Recline 
  • Control Dollar and Minutes
  • Warranty covers 3 years parts
  • Latest Release for coin operated massage chairs
  • Earn extra income at your business
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RT-M01 Coin Operation Massage Chair

Three (3) Year Rock Solid Warranty - Our rock solid warranty is one of the best in the industry!

30-Day Money back Guarantee - Our guarantee to you ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

Key Specifications/Special Features: - Our guarantee to you ensuring your satisfaction with our products.

The Newest in the Titan Line of full body massage chairs

  • Symmetric six-wheel massage roller head unit
  • Massages all major points throughout the back. Designed to cover a full range of motion, from neck to waist.
  • The roller head system is designed to adjust to the curvature any individuals back. Resulting in a more consistent pressure during the massage.
  • Capable of KneadingShiatsu and Synchronization (wave like motion with tapping). The speed of motion and action can be controlled simply by pressing a single button on the remote.
  • The chair is covered with a highly durable synthetic leather which is easy to clean and sustains its rich color far better than typical leathers, that dry and crack over time.
  • In the leg massage portion of the chair there are airbags that contract, which promotes better blood circulation and relieving the fatigue in the legs and feet.
  • The chair is designed so that maintenance and repair are easily done in a short period of time. Built with very few components, reducing the time to trouble shoot any problems.
  • The frame work is solid steel construction for dependability and strength. The arm rests are covered by a highly durable plastic, easy to clean and maintain.
  • The chair is fully automatic making simple and convenient when reclining or getting to the upright position.
  • The sides are available in a simple metallic or wood trim to match the arm rests.

at 03/24/2015 10:24, by Danielle
Bought this chair for my hair salon. Perfect for people that are waiting. I also receive an extra income as well which is never a problem! I have sat in the chair as well and it gives a good massage! I like the fact my clients do not have to take shoes off. I will be buying for my other locations!
at 02/18/2014 13:46, by Annette
good and comfortable